Our Story

With IT Services and support becoming more and more in demand for new and small businesses due to the rise of information security and business automation, IT Service companies have raised their prices and sometimes don’t even deliver a good service. The founders of ProtoSquare saw the need and opportunity to provide a good service and keep it affordable. Therefore, we turn our focus towards rather building long term and trusted relationships with our clients, enabling us to charge less for our services to keep our clients for long term. As our clients grow and depend on us more, we grow to support them in their progress of success.

The diverse IT Services a business needs to progress, it is hard for a single IT technician to keep up with the knowledge and resources of the growing industry. ProtoSquare aims to address all those areas within a business, from mobile devices, such as phones, tablets and notebooks, through to a complex network infrastructure with multiple servers and office premises that needs to be secured, maintained and backed up. With a team to support it, ProtoSquare has the knowledge and experience in many areas of the IT industry to deal with issues that could arise.

Being able to deal with many different types of businesses and unique situations ProtoSquare can proudly say that we are willing to take on difficult situations and problems. Because problems revile potential for growth, that is our motto and we stick to that.

Our History

ProtoSquare was started after the two founders saw a need for affordable IT Services for small and new businesses. It was a slow progress as the two founders still worked at their full time jobs. As ProtoSquare progressed we were able to add more and more services due to the knowledge we gained through out interaction with clients.

Our Mission

We strive to deliver great and affordable IT Services to new and growing businesses. Along the way deliver a unique and memorable experience as part of our services reaching all your business needs.

Some Features About Us

After Hour Support

We know there are businesses that need support after hours. Therefore, we provide it.

High Quality Service

High quality service ensures we keep our clients happy.

High Productivity

Just as our productivity is important to us, your productivity is just as important. Therefore, we aim to keep you up and running.

We Are Here To Provide You With The Best And Affordable Services

Why Choose Us

We Are Best Available

Being available to assist your needs adds to us being reliable. Therefore, we deliver support after hours when needed.

Focused Attention

We strive to give you the client the special attention that is needed.

Custom Services

We build our service plan around the needs of your business.